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Please click on the book titles above to find my abstract comics which are chronologically ordered from the first one – The Drift of Impure Thoughts (2014) to the latest one. The pages are displayed in pairs as they appear in book form.

I work in the field of abstract sequential art, which is an emerging 21st century genre that combines the conventions of abstract comics with abstract painting to achieve works on canvas and paper using a range of formats, scales, techniques and media. My pioneering work experiments with the idea that dynamic, organic movement and growth can be conveyed in a single image or a sequence of images, to create a sense of movement that suggests the passage of time. My process is a combination of intuitive and planned art making. For example I plan the shape and layout of the panels, and then I intuitively draw and paint the subject matter within the panels and across the pages or canvases. The intention of my work is to generate a visual rhythm rather than tell a story, however others may wish to invent their own story or find a theme.

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Thank you

Kym Tabulo