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Welcome to my blog. I am an abstract sequential artist who is inspired by the pioneers of abstract art and postmodern abstraction, as well as the avant-garde art of the abstract comics movement. The art I make is a 21st century form of artistic expression that uses abstract subject matter, which is the product of pure intuition and impure thinking.   This is because I combine compositional planning processes with intuitive drawing and painting to create images that move across the series of panels and pages. Themes that arise from these images are not premeditated but they may reflect personal ideas and emotions felt at that particular time. Sometimes I use storyboard drafts to plan the panel and gutter placements before I draw or paint directly into them. My multi-panel work combines the splendour of abstract art with comics conventions to create the illusion of time passing, and the novelty and intrigue that attracts others to ponder what they see. Perhaps they find a thing of beauty in my mélange of moments. Such beauty is a cultural construct and differs for each culture and person. If there is beauty to be found in my artistic expressions, for me it is in the delicate coalescence of the whole work.

Kym Tabulo.




  1. Looks fantastic.

  2. I love the sequential links as the work transports you on a journey through the panels. It is exciting to ‘read’ as at times unexpected designs in the panels presented, make us stop to consider and reflect on the abstract design choices you have made. This is providing us a wonderful feeling of almost ‘playing’ and ‘exploring’ different options and stretching our imagination. Wonderful!

  3. Kym – You were born an Original. Great Art. Donna M

  4. Kym, I am totally in love with your work. When you are done with doctoral, I would love to commission you to do something for my new pad. Your work is just gorgeous. Yum, yum, yum\ !!!!!!! Ani.

  5. Amazing insight Kymmy, enjoying discovering your world. Paula

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